Learning Music is fun at Speak Sing Studio! Your musical year consists of 38 lessons commencing the first week of September until June 18th. The following policies apply for the 2020/2021 studio year.


For confirmation of lesson and class times, payment is required at the time of registration. Following registration, payment is due on the 1st of each month.

Missed Lessons

Late or absent lessons are your responsibility; no refunds will be made for these. However, please feel free to trade lesson times with another student. I will supply times and phone numbers on request. Should the student be unable to attend their lesson due to illness, a make-up lesson will be offered if an opening becomes available.


There will be a Christmas Recital in December and a year-end recital in June. Performance in recitals is an essential part of music study. Parents and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. This year we will likely have an online recital.

Festivals & Exams

I continue to offer students the option of taking Exams in practical and theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Students interested in music festivals should notify me and we will discuss current opportunities for their level.

Instrument/Voice & Theory

The study of music theory is a close look at the principles and construction of the musical language and an important aspect of every student’s musical knowledge. Insight into rhythm, timing, scales, chord construction, and transposition are just a few of the areas covered. Concise theory study benefits all musicians. Your Theory Level will be assessed before beginning Theory Club Class.

Successful completion of examinations with RCM may result in students receiving High School Credits as each theory level corresponds to the practical exam level.

Practice Routine

Daily practice is the only way to become proficient as a musician and have more fun learning. My recommendation for your practice time is 20-90 minutes daily, depending on your level and instrument of study.