I have had the privilege of working with Sydney for the past two years, and look forward to working with her in the future. As a college, we have appreciated her services as our piano and voice teacher for any of our students looking to develop themselves in these areas, and have had several over the past two years study with Sydney. As a supervisor of the music department of our campus, I have met with both Sydney and her students, and have not only monitored our students’ progress, but also have worked directly with Sydney to help facilitate the training. The improvement in our students has been noteworthy, her teaching has been extremely well received by our students, and we are anticipating her return for the fall of 2017 to continue working with us.

On a personal level, I have been taking weekly voice lessons for the past six months, and have had my teenage daughter in lessons with Sydney for about four months. I’ve been impressed with Sydney’s care for her students, ability to troubleshoot and problem solve as situations have come up, and her overall professionalism as a music teacher. I have recommended her to others for either their own training or that of their children, and plan to continue both my daughter’s and my lessons in this coming year. I have extensive music training in a number of instruments, as well as nearly eight years of post-secondary education, and so I feel I’ve earned the right to say that Sydney is a very good teacher, and I have no reservations about recommending her whatsoever.

– Jorin

My son loved taking voice lessons from you this year and we were very impressed by your professionalism, organization, and knowledge in your field. He enjoyed learning from you and was willing to meet and work on all the goals and challenges that you placed before him with enthusiasm. I feel this is the sign of a gifted teacher.

– Michelle

My daughters enjoyed the voice lesson very much. It’s the first time for them to learn how to do solfege, scale, pieces, etc. I’ll recommend Sydney to others.

– Grace

I want to thank you very much for giving my grand daughter such a rich experience when she took singing lessons from you this spring. She is 10 years old and had never known any other type of music except the contemporary music of the youth of today. She looked forward to going each week, even on the weeks she did not practice. You had such a non-threatening way of smoothing over the fact that she hadn’t practised that week. It was rewarding for me to hear my grand daughter humming the tune you taught her as we walked down the beach. I am thankful that you exposed her to a whole new world of music that she had never experienced before and I hope that she will want to continue with lessons next fall. You had great eye contact with her as you explained things like posture, voice modulation etc in ways she could understand. Under your encouragement she did very well at the recital which her parents and grandparents attended and totally enjoyed. Keep up the good work Sydney. Your valuable input into the lives of young people like my grand daughter is very much appreciated.

– Judy

I am an adult student who plays at an intermediate level. I also have a severe chronic illness that affects my muscles. Playing the piano is very challenging for me due to constant injury so I needed a teacher who could adapt to a number of my different needs. Sydney was very accommodating and skillful and had me improve my playing, and without injury.

– Danielle